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Booktabs in HTML

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Stackoverflow question regarding booktabs in HTML.

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When building an html table, there are sub-nodes <tbody> as well as the seemingly rarer <caption>, <thead> and <tfoot>. Note, that simply repeating <thead> seems to work for long tables. This seems to be a solution to the absence of page breaking. Think of it as tables continued on subsequent pages.

It seems like a border is suitable in the following three situations: (1) 2 css pixel borders around the whole table, (2) a 1 css pixel border around the top-most table header and (3) both a top and bottom border of 1 css pixel around repeated table headers. Portably adding this border seems to require inline styling. The more advanced selector from the above stackoverflow post did not seem to work on my web browsers. Inline-styles come to the rescue. Remember to set both border-bottom-width to 1 css pixel as well as the border-bottom-style to solid.